• Abstract Guidelines & Submission

Abstract guidelines

Abstract Submission Deadline
April 30th, 2018

Abstracts should be submitted to this official website: glycot2018.medmeeting.org

Guidelines for Submission

• Abstract should be written in English

• Not exceed 3000 characters

• Submitted via the on-line submission system

• Indicate the topic and type of your presentation

• Include the title, names of all contributors (without titles), department, institution, city, and country

• Names of author and co-authors are to be submitted in the following way: First and Last name (example: Michael Jackson)

• Contact author (presenter) should submit their email address

Oral presentation

Submitted abstracts will be reviewed and selected by Scientific Committee. Authors should select the desired session during abstract submission. Abstracts not selected will automatically be transferred to poster presentation sessions.

Abstract Topics

1) Biosynthesis and degradation of glycans in biological systems

2) Glycosyltransferases: structure and function

3) Glycans in aging and disease: prevention, biomarker and therapeutics

4) Glycoengineering and glycotechnology

5) Glycans in cell recognition, immunity and microbiology

6) Systems glycobiology including chemical biology, inhibitors, glycan imaging and glycome analysis

7) Glyconeuroscience

8) Glycoinformatics

9) Glycan-based drug discovery and development

Abstract submission deadlineApril 30, 2018
Notification of abstract acceptanceMay 15, 2018

Presentation guidelines


Poster should be presented at the Symposium during the designated poster presentation session.

Poster size: TBAPoster posting time: TBA

Oral presentations

All speakers should show up at the conference hall 30 minutes prior to the designated session time.

Speakers can upload their slides to our prepared computers or use their own laptops. However, all slide materials should be checked at the slide preview room.

Slide preview room will operate from 9:00AM to 6:00PM during the symposium period

Abstract Submission