Glycan-based Drug Discovery and Development I


On 21thJune afternoon, after coffee break, Prof. Kisung Ko and Prof. Iain Wilson chaired the section of “Glycan-based Drug Discovery and Development I”.

Prof. Shang-Cheng Hung

Professor Shang-Cheng Hung (Academia Sinica, Chinese Taiwan) presented a straightforward methodology to prepare a variety of cell-surface carbohydrates. They conducted affinity screening and structural analysis of these synthesized sugars with proteins involving in viral diseases, such as H1N1, herpes simplex virusand mycobacterial heparin-binding hemagglutinin. The results will provide key insights at the molecular level.

Prof. Jian Liu

Professor Jian Liu (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, USA)gave a talk about their researches on synthetic heparan sulfate. They have completed the synthesis of related oligosaccharides using the chemoenzymatic method. Here, he showed us a non-anticoagulant heparan sulfateoctadecasaccharide (HS 18-mer). It protects from acute liver injury induced by APAP through binding to high mobility group box 1 (HMGB1) and neutralizing HMGB1-mediated neutrophil infiltration to the injury site.

Dr. Chunjun Qin

Doctor Chunjun Qin (Jiangnan University, China) gave a talk about their outstanding achievements. He introduced total synthesis of a densely functionalized Plesiomonas shigelloidesserotype O51 aminoglycoside trisaccharide antigen. This study provides an important reference for the synthesis of other high density modified complex oligosaccharides.

Prof. Heng Yin

Professor Heng Yin (Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China) made a presentation about alginate oligosaccharides (AOS). His group found AOS can promote plant growth and increase the yield, especially with the most significant effects on root growth. This result will be used as a new type of plant growth regulators in agricultural production.